Best time: July to September This trekking is the most fascinating and beautiful, because of trekking on the bank of Torques Tsomoriri Lake and exploring the ancient nomadic passage towards northern Himachal Pradesh and Zanskar. The landscape has rich sediments and floras. Wild animals can be seen quite easily. This nomadic Plateau is the breeding ground and the home for the Wild Asses. The Plateau houses the Yaks and Pashmina sheep. One can also do expedition and mountain biking in this Plateau. The camping is the best option.
No of days: 6 nights 7 days


Day 1: Departure

Drive to Tsomorri and camp.(5-6 hours)

Day 2

Walk to Kyangdam.(4-5 hours)

Day 3

Walk to Manechan.(4-5hours)

Day 4

Walk to Zozogong via.(Manechanla 4750m)

Day 5

Walk to Takstakgo via.( Thelakungla 4980m)

Day 6

Walk to Numa/Pang.(4-5 hours)

Day 7

Drive back to Leh.(5-6 hours)

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