Who we are?

Mr. Norbu Gyatso was born in Chubi Leh.He has deep interest in the nature and in literature. He studied Master in English and World Literature from University of Jammu. He has been engaged in the adventure field for more than 15 years and has deep knowledge about mountains and nature.He has been also a monastery guided and guided many groups and scholars from all over the world.He has also travelled in Europe and Asian countries. Currently he is the boss of Wanderland Tour and Adventure.

Mr.Rigzin Angchuk was born in a remote village Rakhuru in Nubra Valley. Most part of his life, he was in his own village helping to the villagers. He has been guiding and traveling for many years and has great experience in leading the travelers to the mountains in the Himalaya. He knows also meditation and Yoga by heart. He speaks English Fluently. He did his Bachelor Degree from University of Kashmir. He is a friend of Mr.Nobu Gyatso and together they have found Wanderland Tour and adventure.

Sandy Chai is a good friend and great tour leader. She comes from Mexico and studied at Casa Tibet Mexico. She has been traveling in the Himalaya for many years. She spends most of her time around the monasteries and in the villages, doing yoga and meditation. She loves to teach yoga with her charming nature.

What do we do?

We believe that touring in the distance Himalaya is possible only when one has the daring to explore unseen wander-lands with stupendous landscapes with natural beauties with proper guiding from an experienced person. Our idea is to show the wanderers a world that exists beyond brochures and boundaries, beyond luxuries, fantasies and imaginations! While traveling with us, you will experience the unique idea of magic that unfolds the cultural diversities, and the ancient trials that leads one to the edge of Himalaya. We help you to feel the whole show, right from meeting you at the Air port to seeing you off, we love to manage everything, happily, efficiently and enthusiastically.

Diverse distination
Our tour programs have the bundle of destinations in Ladakh that the explorers can choose the suitable place to do hiking or travel from mountain to mountain. We organize easy tours and hike for families who visit here with their children, however, we also organize moderate and ultimate tours and trek.

Beautiful places
Ladakh is by nature, a beautiful place on the earth, especially with our diverse foods and tradition. The explorers can find some of the most beautiful villages or deserts in the world. the mountain peaks are mightiest than one ever imagine. The ancient Buddist monasteries which nestled on hills are other attractions for the travelers besides lakes and nomads.

Value for money
We have the experienced and specialized professional teams who know how to make your holiday valuable, enjoyable and unforgettable. We are in the service sectors so we like to provide wonderful services for your kind visit. The cost that we charge for your tours and trek are reasonable because we know that money is “EARNED” by you and we believe in transparency of cost which we will share you during your booking with us.